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 There are some things that can’t be described by words, instead they are shown by opening up one's heart and seeing the brilliance that follows.

Thank you so much for finding out more about us. Guess what?! We both already have something in common, we both want the best things in the world for your child. We cannot imagine how difficult this experience is for you, but we admire you already for your strength.

We have built a loving home together full of laughter, creativity, compassion and support and we are excited to share that life with your child. We know that becoming parents is in our future and we hope that by fulfilling our dream to adopt that we will have a positive impact on your life as well. These next few pages will give you a glimpse into our lives and we hope that you are able to feel the love and happiness that would surround your child if you were to select us as the adoptive parents for your child. We would love to learn more about you and the hopes and dreams you have for your child. Thank you again for taking the time to consider us.

About Us


 Jeff and I have been married for over four years. We met six years ago the old fashioned way...online! We had both been waiting to find that special person and new almost instantly that there was a connection. We started our adventure together a few weeks after texting and chatting online and we have been making awesome memories together ever since. We purchased our home a few months after we were married and currently live with our two adorable fur babies. Our home is filled with laughter, music, friends, family, the smell of good food and the occasional barking dog. Jeff and I are both very creative people and love to build things, come up with random inventions (which are sometimes useful) and finding ways to help others. We are currently working on creating a board game for children, coding an app for mobile devices, a coffee table book and an oversized chess set that can hang on a wall. We work well together as a team and support each other's happiness and dreams. Building relationships with family, friends, neighbors and community members has always been important to both of us. We enjoy a very active social life where we participate in a weekly trivia group, book club, a few movie clubs, and various outdoor activities. We are adventurous and our only rule is to enjoy the moment and to have fun! 

Fun Facts


  • Jeff gives our pets each their own “voice” and makes funny remarks about life from their point of view
  • Jen is great at making up puns and jokes on the fly (and that is no lie).
  • We love to dress up in costumes whenever possible.
  • Playing board games together is one of our favorite things to do on Sunday afternoons.
  • We love to sing along to musicals...even if neither of us can carry a tune.
  • Jen loves to plan themed parties for friends and family...mini food party anyone?
  • Cooking colorful and delicious food together was one of the first activities we had in common. We both love all different types of food...except for mushrooms.
  • As a Librarian, Jeff is always ready to grab a puppet and “jump into character” to get a laugh.
  • A holiday tradition of ours is to create handmade gifts for friends and family.
  • Spicy food, yes please!

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Meet Jen

· Career: Business Analyst

· Favorite book: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

· Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

· Favorite place: Anywhere surrounded by friends and family

· What can’t you live without: Laughter

· Describe your perfect day: A hot cup of great coffee, visiting with friends/family, playing a board game with Jeff, cooking a beautiful and delicious dinner and then relaxing outside watching the sunset.


Meet Jeff

· Occupation: Children’s Librarian

· Favorite book: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

· Hogwarts house: Raven Claw

· Favorite place: The Library

· What can’t you live without: Hot sauce

· Describe your perfect day: Getting breakfast at our favorite burrito joint then going for a long hike. Having dinner with friends on an outdoor patio and ending the day snuggled on the couch with the love of my life.


Our Boys


We have two awesome furry friends. Both of them are the same age and both of them we adopted before we met each other. Buddy is a tri-color Welsh Corgi and was adopted to be a therapy dog to help children who experience difficulty in learning to read. Buddy served as a reader-dog for over five years where he helped build children's self-esteem by providing unconditional love and support while the children read and petted him. Now retired, Buddy hangs out at home with his brother Sammy, excited to go on walks and play fetch. 

Sammy is an apricot colored Pekingese who loves to be petted, talked to and hang out on your lap. We are certain that he thinks he is a cat and loves to chase his mouse (a cat toy) and climbing on the back of the couch. Both of our dogs are good natured and friendly around other people.

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